How is the electrical wiring at your house? Is it old-outdated or faulty wiring?

Electrical Faulty Wiring Cause Fire

When we buy, lease or rent a house we check on the facilities that are available in the house like water, spacious, market place, recreation neighbourhood and what not. But no one will check if the house has good and safe wiring and how old is the wiring, any prior electric short circuit accidents reported or any changes or repair/replace to be made before we rent or purchase the house. Because we take electricity for granted. For everyone it’s a default system to be running perfectly from the time of construction till the time the building exists. If a bulb is not working we will replace it but never check how safe the wires are and is the right type of wire installed for each socket.

Very often we read and see in news of fire accidents in different places of Australia. When checking the actual reason for the fire breakout, most of the reports lead to faulty wiring or old outdated wiring to be the initial cause of short circuit and followed by fire breakout. There are several articles about how to keep yourself safe from these accidents in future. So let’s discuss what and how these checks help to keep yourself and the loved ones safe and also to save the houses getting damaged due to such unforeseen accidents.

Circuit breaker tripping


Every house has a circuit breaker which none of us even check why it exists unless it gets switched off. These circuit breakers are the first checkpoint to give us a warning of any wire fault. Circuit breaker trips sometimes when there is high voltage power supply due to some sudden changes from the electricity department. That is absolutely fine as it helps to safeguard out expensive appliances at home getting damaged due to sudden high voltage or low voltage.

But it also starts giving warnings very often by tripping when there is some fault or the wires getting heated due to any unusual reason. In this case one cannot ignore it. Immediately we need to call an electrician and get it checked and rectified to avoid any mishappenings in the future.

Flickering and Buzzing lights

When there is any problem with the electric supply to any lights in the house, we often see the lights flickering and buzzing often. Sometimes it becomes normal after a few minutes. Also it’s better to switch off all the appliances or try to check with some other socket if it works better. Ignored for a longer time will end up in major damage.

Charing on Power Sockets

Any charred outlets are major signs of fire break out. This has to be checked immediately by calling an expert and all wires have to be checked in the house along with the charred socket. The charing visible outside might be very  little but there would be major damage inside. This requires an immediate replacement of all connecting wiring of that house and building immediately.

Burning Smell

Burning smell of a socket or any plastic is a confirmed indication of the damage already happened to the electric wire due to overheating. of these plastic insulated wire. Immediate action should be to switch off all the electricity switches and appliances and call for an electrician immediately as it can catch fire any moment.

Warm or Vibrating power outlets

When touched close to the power socket sometimes we feel kind of vibrations. This also can be of any damage to the wiring which has gone unnoticed till them . Unless we know the exact reason we can not be ignoring these vibrations and avoid touching wires directly but can touch the outer part of the socket to confirm if it’s actually from inside any wire plug point.

Electrical Wiring

Now we have an idea of how to recognize the future dangers of old faulty outdated wiring, but don’t you think we also have to be checking these in advance or even regularly to make sure we do not lead the situation to any fire accidents in future. Few precautions will save huge danger many times. Some simple testing skills and tools information is always good to keep handy.

Choose the correct size of wiring material when constructing the house or check the same while buying the house. Copper wires are the best for the wiring. But it has different size for different uses like appliances, lights and heavy machines. One should check with the expert before purchasing the wires to instal. There will be many sales people coming with cheap and good offers. But we should always check the quality and the approved size of wires for any electricity wiring.

If one decides to follow all precautions and keep a check on the signs of danger and get it repaired on a timely basis everyone will be safe and can avoid major fire accidents in future.

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