A Comprehensive Guide For Quick TV Antenna Repair

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Getting problems with TV signals? Do your TV signals drop regularly? Such are the clear signs of a damaged antenna.

So, what will be your next step? Well, in an ideal case, you should call an antenna man, although you can also DIY.

In fact, Do-It-Yourself antenna repairs are quite common in households nowadays. Many homeowners try their repair skills before actually approaching a repair person. They do this not to save money only but to earn applause from their immediate family members. (Pun intended)

So, you can also try your luck and skills too. And, if you are a little hesitant about how to diagnose the issue and carry out the repair, this comprehensive repair guide is only for you.

Are you sure that your TV antenna needs repair?

Don’t be sceptical about this question because this does not doubt your intellect. Instead of confirming whether your TV antenna does have a problem or not? Perse, if the TV of yours has been facing one of the below-mentioned issues, then the antenna is the cause. Otherwise, you might resort to some other solution for the time being.

Some common signs of a problematic antenna are;

  • Display of “Searching…” on your TV screen instead of playing a channel
  • Often facing “No Signal” issue
  • Signals dropping out and coming back on their own
  • Pertaining signal issues on a rainy day
  • A sudden decrease in the quality of signals
  • Not able to see some of your favourite channels that were active earlier
  • Did you cross-check with these issues and found any commonly occurring problem with your TV?

The culprit behind these signs is something far technical. Have a good read knowing about that.

Potential causes behind “No Signal” and “Searching…” message displays

TV no signal

1) Badly positioned antenna

Any hindrance between the antenna and signals causes no signal or loss of certain channels. You can check for antenna positioning and try rotating it to face the right direction.

2) Damaged antenna outlet

Over the passing of time, under varying weather conditions, the connector can come out loose not to fit. Either replace the loose connector or fix it with something on a temporary basis.

3) The antenna cable needing replacement

If you could notice, then there is a cable connecting antenna and TV inlet. This wire is prone to wear and tear on prolonged use. So, if the cable deteriorated, then replace it with a new one.

4) Damaged lead between TV and Outlet

The lead providing input in the TV get bent, broken or chewed by rent-free rodents living in your premises. Your pet cat or dog could also be the possible catalyst for chewing the cable. So, if any of this is the case, get the lead replaced without giving any second thought.

5) Potentially damaged antenna

The antenna placed on the rooftop is an attraction point for many wild animals like possums, raccoons, etc.

In their leisure time, these wild troublemakers, hand on it, sit and perform gymnasium. Alas, sometimes, your antenna could not bear the mistreatment and get broken.

But if your area does not have raccoons and possum, the blame is to be on winds and hailstorms. So, in both the cases, antenna gets damaged and needs a quick repair job.

6) Using an old age antenna 

Lastly, everything in the world has an age, even your antenna as well. So, if your antenna is a decade old, retire it and upgrade to a newer version.

You are worthy of performing self-check

As the saying goes, ‘curiosity is mother of innovation,’ your curiosity can end TV issues. For that, you need to check your TV antenna and diagnose the potential issue.

You can get started by;

1) Inspecting cables

Check for the fly head and the cable running from the antenna to the TV inlet. If you locate any visible damage, replace it with a new one. Replacing flyhead is not a moonwalk. Do it by taking help from DIY tutorials available online.

But if you have noticed any damage to the antenna cable, better you should call the professional.

2) Checking loose connections

Sometimes flyhead is not correctly inserted in its port, causing low or bad signals. So, make some space between the TV and wall to look behind. Inspect the flyhead positioning and push it a little more in if it seems out of the port. After doing that, turn on the TV and check if the signal is proper.

3) Inspecting antenna for visible damage

After inspecting cables and connections, head toward the roof. Reach out to the TV antenna and check. If there is any damage like it is broken or bent, correct it within your reach or call the antenna man.

In case you don’t find any of these issues, sit back and call a professional repair person. Now, only a skilled individual can correct the problems. Until then, connect any spare TV or divert your interest somewhere else.

Think twice before performing repair DIY

Identifying problems does not necessarily mean taking action in your hands. You should not forget the popular saying, “The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it.”

But if you insist as to why not you should perform Do-It-Yourself antenna repair, here is the answer;

  • Antenna repair involves dealing with electric signals. You may get electrocuted but at a small level
  • You may end up correcting one issue but causing another issue
  • A repairperson has the right tool, but you did not. You should not invest in costly repair tools for DIY repair. The professionals will only cost a dime
  • You cannot run to the electrical shop every time

Get the professional and hassle-free services

TV antenna repair service nowra

A hat does not fit all. So do DIY repairs. If you want the long-lasting life of your antenna and uninterrupted entertainment dozes, call us now! We will send a skilled professional to your doorstep to get the repair done as soon as possible.

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