Have you thought about upgrading your power points?

power point installation

Isn’t it unbelievable to think of our lives without the use of electricity these days? We have become more and more dependent on electrical appliances in our day-to-day life. They speed up everyday tasks, make our lives comfortable and to top it all provide entertainment too.

Electrical power boards and extension cords are risky.

With so many electrical appliances to be used concurrently, they need to be plugged in together simultaneously. However, many homes do not have so many power points to fulfil this growing demand, so people tend to use power boards as a fast and quick solution to numerous electrical outlets through a single PowerPoint.

Unfortunately, if these power boards are not maintained well and are not used correctly, they can get overloaded. This situation can damage the appliances that are plugged in, can be a severe fire hazard, and have the risk of electric shock as well.

In the same way, extension cords should be used as a temporary solution to the growing powerpoint needs. Over some time, they can be unsafe, too, due to repeated use.

Upgrading Power Points – Long term, safe and smart solution

Advantages of upgrading your Power Points and switches

1. Stay safe

To prevent electrical shocks or fire hazards, any old, faulty, or defaced power points should be replaced immediately.

To make the electrical appliances and your family safer, we can install new safe power points and add whole-home surge protection to your switchboard. This will make your house’s electricity more effective too.

2. Power outlet optimisation

Most of us run out of charging points for charging portable devices like tablets, cameras, phones, ebooks, etc. Powerpoints with integrated USB outlets can solve many problems and works as a great solution. Different USB ports allow you to charge numerous devices in a single PowerPoint without using the original charger for each device.

3. Save time and energy

Quad power points are the turning points in saving time when it comes to charging many devices simultaneously. As the name suggests, a quad PowerPoint can charge four devices simultaneously without worrying about overloading.

4. Unlimited design choices

We can fix power points, which come with a modern, sleek design, can be tailor-made, and look extraordinary in any background. There is a fantastic variety of Power Points and switches that come in many shapes, colours, sizes, and styles that can also be attached on and off as per the design of your space.

At Varley Electric, our licensed, insured electrician will safely install new electrical power points for your home or office in Nowra and Shoalhaven areas. Upgrade your power points and power outlets today, call us on 0480 013 730.

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