Choosing the ideal hot water system for your home

Hot Water Service

There are many hot water systems available in the market these days. Which one is the right one for your home becomes a difficult decision to make. They come in many designs and sizes and use different forms of energy.  This crucial decision should primarily be based on the size of your household and how efficient you would want your hot water system to be. We have summarised few points to help you make the right choice:

The hot water systems are broadly categorized in two ways:

  • As the name suggests, a storage hot water system heats the water and keeps it stored in a limited storage capacity tank.
  • An instantaneous hot water system: This one heats the water when you need it, which is more energy-saving as it does not store any hot water.

These systems can be powered in different ways:

Electric hot water systems


Electric storage systems

The heating element is usually placed below the storage water tank, and it heats the water when the electric supply is switched on.

Instantaneous electric water system

This one also uses electric power to coerce the heating element around the water pipes. When the water supply is turned on, it heats the water in the pipes. In this system, water gets heated as and when it is required.

Even though the electric water heaters have a low initial cost, they have very expensive running costs. Do keep this in mind while investing in this type of hot water system.

Gas hot water systems

Continuous Hot Water System Installation

Gas water storage heaters

the gas burner heats the water and keeps it warm in the tank.

Instantaneous gas water systems

in this hot water system, the gas ignites when the water supply is turned on. The burners are coiled around the water pipes, and they light up to heat the water. These have the lowest running cost, in the long run, making them cost-effective too.

Solar hot water systems

Using solar energy from the sun takes a cake for being the most energy-efficient hot water system. However, they have incredibly high initial costs and do not work during cloudy days. These will need a backup of a gas or electric heating system where there is a frequent overcast.

Heat pump water systems

These kinds of hot water storage systems have a similar concept as that of the fridge but reverse. A fan pumps in the warm air into the system, which gets transferred into the water tank and heats the water. However, these are very energy efficient but work well in areas where there is a warmer climate.

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