Ceiling Fan Installation & Wiring

Ceiling Fan installations with correct Wiring offers an affordable solution for indoor cooling and ventilation – maintaining air temperatures inside your living space at a fraction of the energy bills you get with traditional air conditioners. Varley Electric is happy to assist you with ceiling fan installation, wiring and repairs services.

We also offer complete electrical, TV and data solutions across Shoalhaven and South Coast, NSW. From comprehensive home wiring services to installing hot water system to ceiling fan installation, we offer guaranteed quality and workmanship.

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Best Ceiling Fan Brands

There are a few important things to consider when purchasing a ceiling fan, as there are many ceiling fan brans out there in the market. Here is a quick list to check out before you go fan shopping.  

Ceiling Fan Installation & Wiring Quotes

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Determine Ceiling Fan Location:

Picking a fan installation site in your home is as important as choosing the ceiling fan itself. While it is a common consideration to install a ceiling fan in almost every room on your property, the right location is one that not only maximises the fan’s performance and efficiency, but also ensures safety.

Window exhaust fans, on the other hand, are used in areas that have limited roof space like in apartment and unit blocks. Normally developers source the cheapest fans that buzz and rattle themselves to a noisy death. Window fans consist of two parts which sandwiched together via a hole in the glass. For cost-effectiveness, we would suggest getting a window fan the same size to avoid needing a glazier.

Ceiling Fan and Light Combo:

Do you need a light with your ceiling fan? A ceiling fan is more multifunctional with a light fixture. Light fixtures placed tastefully around the living space can bestow a house with much-needed warmth and homeliness, while fans can provide a cooling breeze at a lower cost than an air conditioner.

Fan size, the number of blades, colours and style are all part of this combination. Whether you are installing a new fan, replacing an old fan or want to mount it with light fixtures, consider talking with us for valuable advice when choosing the right fan for your home. 

Pleasant Lighting and Cooling Breezes:

While air conditioners dominate the home cooling scene, ceiling fans are definitely the more energy-conserving option. Making your house look and feel more comfortable, ceiling lights and fan installations are a great home investment!

Forget about getting onto a wobbly old ladder to do it yourself, give our expert team a call and receive a hassle-free installation today.  

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Good pricing, on time and friendly service. Found great solutions to my household electrical problems very happy. 👍

Myles was super cool to deal with. Easy going guy that did everything I asked for the first time, without any issues and all at a fair price. What else could I ask for. Great job!

Myles of Varley Electric has recently completed work for us in our home. We found him to be punctual, courteous and helpful in his advice. His work was completed in a most professional manner. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have work done.

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