Certified level 2 electrician for all your electrical needs

What does our certification mean for you?

Dealing with electricity comes with its own risks. Electrical projects are not things you can do on the fly or take a DIY approach to. You need the right knowledge, skills, and tools.

As a level 2 Accredited Service Provider (ASP), when you work with Varley Electric, you access services that are beyond the scope of electricians that hold different qualifications, like Level 1 ASPs.

As Level 2 electricians, we are qualified to carry out electrical work in your home, workplace or any other premises, including connecting you to the main electrical supply network.

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What Our Clients Say

Good pricing, on time and friendly service. Found great solutions to my household electrical problems very happy. 👍

Myles was super cool to deal with. Easy going guy that did everything I asked for the first time, without any issues and all at a fair price. What else could I ask for. Great job!

Myles of Varley Electric has recently completed work for us in our home. We found him to be punctual, courteous and helpful in his advice. His work was completed in a most professional manner. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have work done.

The services our Level 2 electricians provide

Our accreditation allows us to provide specialised services including:

  • Installing and removing private power poles and underground pits and pillars

  • Replacing and repairing damaged components

  • Servicing overhead mains at power lines

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting power lines at their original point of attachment

  • Repairing points of attachment and replacing critical service fuses

  • Disconnecting your property from the main energy network for repairs

  • Installing underground or overhead power lines to your premises

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Find out more about our services and how we can meet your electrical needs by getting in touch with our team at Varley Electric.

Electricity? We got you.

We know the importance of safe, quick, and easily accessible electrical services. That’s why Level 2 electricians are the answer to all your electrical needs and challenges.

We know the electricity in your home or workplace is not something you want to take a chance with. Leaving aside the inconvenience of electricity failures, there are huge safety and damage-related risks when it comes to the electrical maintenance of your premises and to the people who inhabit them. That’s where our qualified electricians come in.

Your safety and time are valuable to us. That’s why we take every precaution and prepare your space well when we work with you.

A level 2 electrician who values professionalism

Here in Australia, we boast one of the largest interconnected power systems in the world. Our grid is something we should all be proud of. As electricians, our responsibility, and the role we play in upholding this power system, is close to our heart.

Take a look at our services to find out more about how we keep you connected— always.